5 Most Efficient Web Designing Techniques

We are living in an age where half of the population of this world has internet access. The 25% are below or above the age of using the internet and the other 25 percent can’t actually access the internet. Those who are using the World Wide Web are somehow linked to websites and other software applications. Cutting short and coming to the point, there are people who are affected by good and bad website designs. We had an online survey in the UAE region about website functionalities and design. The reason for selecting UAE was that this is the country where you can find people from all around the world in one place. Here are the most important website designing techniques:

Keep the Content in Order

One thing you must have noticed, when we visit a random website page, we start looking for the information we want from that specific website or page. If you have got this point you have already understand the purpose of this heading. All we want to say is to arrange and design your website pages in a manner so that the information is categorically visible to the users i.e. from most important things you want to show to the least important sections. Adopting custom web design solutions in Dubai have proved to be helpful in this context.

Optimize Your Web for Mobile Devices

More than 50 percent of all the web searches are performed from mobile phone devices. Not all but some of the websites are still not adapting to mobile search options ultimately going in a huge loss. The remaining websites which are responsive lack some of the key factors of responsiveness. As of our survey market responsive web designing in Dubai is very much appreciated.

Site Speed

One of the most common reasons for the huge bounce rate of websites is the speed of a site. Neglecting the speed optimization is like crossing a road with the green light on, you will never make to the other side of the road. People mentioned that they close the site within 5 to 10 seconds if taking extra time to load irrespective of the importance of a site. This can happen due to many reasons. A simple solution is to optimize your site speed with tools available online for free. We studied a website redesign company in Dubai and got to know that they are getting a lot of cases with speed issues.

Navigation within the Site

Giving visitors an idea of what your site is about form a glimpse is a good approach but, letting them know your whole site with a scroll is an option. You would obviously want the user to spend more and more time on your site. Create some curiosity, let them wander around, then give them what they want. Internal linking techniques should be applied to gain the maximum interest of a visitor. On a lighter note, do not create a mess with the links, the user will get frustrated this way.

Don’t tell, Show your Story

We have had enough of this social media marketing and search engine optimization myths about content are king and etc. The real and practical approach is that when you are using relative images with a moderate amount of text, the user more likely gets to know what is the purpose of your webpage. On the other hand, too much content on a page lowers its worth in a visitor’s eye. No one bothers to read forcefully.

These were some scene changing tips regarding your websites. Do implement these today if you aren’t done already. On top, branding solutions in UAE come these services included from commencement.

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