5 Ways to Ensure Privacy to Your Virtual Life

Virtual reality and virtual life are as real as real lives. We all deal with virtual life every day at least a quarter of our time. Just as we want and wish to keep our lives private, we also need and should make our virtual lives private. Truth be told our lives are not so remote as we think. If you and your data of any type are online you are always vulnerable. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your data:

Use Passwords

It is better to use passwords for each of the devices you use to interact online with different channels or have your personal photographs and other family stuff. This is because if you somehow lost your gadget or it gets stolen the person found it or stole it would not be able to unlock your device and hence your data will not be revealed.

For your websites and other online accounts, you can use two steps verification for your accounts. In case your credentials get compromised your second verification option still get your back.

Virus Protection

One of the main reasons why computers, laptops, pads, and similar devices get compromised is the virus that enters the system and takes control of everything. When this kind of situation occurs, it becomes easy for hackers to take control of your device and use your personal data for their own purpose.

There is a lot of antivirus software which is available for every kind of device. Use one which you find most convenient to make your gadgets safe to use. Avast is a software which is trusted by web designing companies in UAE and all over the world.

Secure Browsers and Search Engines

Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are the most used browsers worldwide. There are many plugins available which can protect and encrypt your searches so that the bugs and hackers can stay away from you. Private search is another option for users who are conscious.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is the most used way of transferring, displaying and managing information. People post on social media when they travel from one place to another when they check in to a specific place, their personal interests, political views, shopping and even the food they eat. Have you ever wondered what if someone is keeping the track of what you shared? All that information can be used against you to disturb your on-going life and matters.

Be Inquisitive When Asked for Information

There are many websites and other platforms which ask your address, email id and other personal information mostly for marketing purpose. The call centers do the same when they are trying to sell you something. You should ask them each and everything that comes to your mind regarding the information asked. Ask them why they need this and how they will use it. Give only the amount of information you think is okay to disclose, nothing else should be given.

Beware of the scams that are rolling out in the global village. They might ask you about your credit card details, bank accounts, and other similar information in exchange for some fake deal they have got for you. Double check when this kind of situation occurs. You would know who is a scam and who is real.

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