7 Industries that Digital Media Marketing helped in Growing

If we dig deep there are thousands of industries and millions of domains in the market. The competition between the big and small organizations has now taken an extreme shape. Everyone wants to grow vigorously. There is no point in even discussing the manual means of growing a business. Let’s come straight to the point. The social media platforms are benefiting and helping the businesses to grow since the last two decades. There was still some space for other platforms like TV commercials, newspapers and brochures etcetera. We are not saying that these means are totally gone but the impact of these methods for the endorsement and marketing of businesses are faded by the digital media marketing strategies.

We had a survey across UAE and got to know some interesting factors about different industries and how they are affected e-marketing. Here are some of the industries which are benefited by social media marketing and search engine optimization the most:

The Retail Industry

Shopping has made so easy that you don’t even have to get up from your bed to buy even a car or house furniture. Almost everything in the world that is available in stores is now available for sale on e-shops. The brands have opened their online shopping store with special deals. Let’s suppose you need to buy a suit for your wedding. You just need to search for the desired keyword and thousands of results will show up at your computer screen or mobile phone. Select your favorite one and mention the size, here it is ready to get delivered.


The number of people who were studying in Universities was less than 2% in UAE according to a recent study. We are not saying that this is bad but as compared to countries like China and Germany this percentage is not satisfactory.

Education is not about having a college degree, it’s about skills. The online study portals are now providing opportunities to the students to learn what they actually want to learn. There are many seminars and online short courses which are covered thoroughly. The SEO companies in Dubai are getting people aware of what new is coming to their surroundings so they can get prepared to get access to what is beneficial for them.

Tourism Industry

There was a time when you got to visit consultants and agents for the for booking a tour. At the organization end, they needed to hire marketing individuals who can go door to door for the endorsement of the travel packages. Now, with advancements in marketing strategies the tourism companies just need to publish their travel packages categorically at different digital platforms. The customer is targeted automatically by following algorithms. Do not get confused if you are non-technical. We meant that the ads can be displayed to people only searching for those specific queries.


The apps like Food Panda, Uber Eats and etc. are responsible for the rise in the revenue of the food market. The main reason behind all this boom is that the people have more exposure to the deals and promotions than ever due to digital media marketing.

Real estate

Artificial intelligence has taken over the internet. The real estate agents display their properties on Facebook, Instagram, and their respective websites. By running the ad, the deals will be visible to the people in the area they select and the budget they got.

The targeted ads are the present and future of online marketing in UAE and the rest of the world.


The news channels are upgraded to online news channels. The world has now become a global village. The entertainment industry is relying totally on digital media marketing. For example, a movie is about to release, the trailer is now released on video sharing sites and then it is pursued further for a better reach. Even the election campaigns all over the world run on social media platforms.

Marketing Itself

The resources that we know off were very limited for conveying something to the people. As discussed above, TV, newspapers, and brochures were serving mankind for a very long time. The situation is changed now. The marketing industry is evolved and shifted to e-marketing. Their agencies are now called digital marketing agencies and social media marketing agencies.

We are unable to cover all the fact in this article as there is a lot more to discuss this topic. This information is based on the facts gathered form UAE only. Being the business hub of the world United Arab Emirates holds the cultures and traditions regarding every filed in it.

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