How to Develop a Secure Website for Your Business?

One out of seven people in the world has a website, which means there are 1 billion websites in the world and still counting. Each day there are thousands of websites being created. This has become the need of every business either small or large. Creating a web is not difficult or challenging at all but making is safe from the hackers or other bugs sure is one tough and important job. We are going to take you through some steps for making your existing website safe and developing a safer one:

Choosing a Secure Platform for Development

Thanks to the content management system that are making website development easier each day passed. The regular updates are released for WordPress, Joomla and other CMSs that are dedicated to improving the safety measures. Web development strategy should be up to date with security point of view. Vulnerabilities must be monitored and removed so that the hackers cannot get through the system.

A Secure Web Hosting

Tech adopting countries like UAE and other GCC members are provided with many options for web hosting where you don’t even have to pay for hosting. These types of hosting come with great threats. Limited bandwidth and ads embedded hosting are offered to people for free but the companies ear a fortune from the ads and other resources. Lower the price higher the threats. Choosing a secure web hosting in UAE is as easy as getting grocery from the supermarket. Companies provide hosting with security features embedded by default, secure FTPs and backup options in case of any mishap. So, choose from a range of safe servers to be satisfied regarding your website.


Security from User’s End

Dynamic websites are exposed to greater threats. When you allow users to upload files and media to your website you are also opening a path for bugs to enter. You can limit users to upload files by email or allowing only trusted file types.


Design with Respect to Security

Spending on design is going to return in the form of revenue, we don’t disagree with this fact. According to recent studies, most of the hackings were initiated from the plugins that people installed on their sites during design and development phases. We should try to keep our web as simple as it could be with all the features installed that are needed for our business to get going. Add-ons and plugins should be avoided for a safe web system. Web designing companies in UAE care less about the security if not asked for. Try to be inquisitive while hiring someone for your website design purpose.

SSL Activation

The minute your website is live, automated bots start searching for vulnerabilities in your site. 70% of the hacked sites are new and the reason is that we do not take out site seriously from a security perspective at the start. The solution to this is activating a web application firewall to prevent outer sources form examining your website. If you are trading from your site and users are doing transactions, there is a must need for activating a Secure Sockets Layer on your site. This makes an end to end encryption between the client and the website.


These are the fundamental security measures that should be taken to keep your site safe from the external intimidations. Try to implement these on your existing websites as soon as possible and keep in the notice for new sites.

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